Saturday, October 31, 2015

Super Sexy Truffles

Hi Folks,

 One of the goals I had when I started this blog was that I wanted to try making things I had never made before, we always seem to be eating the same meals day in and day out.

While this isn't a meal, it was something I had never made before.

My wife loves Truffles, so I decided to make some for her. I was surprised how stupidly simple they are to make.

I only used three ingredients for the base of my Truffles.



And vanilla, I used the powdered sugar and the cocoa to roll the Truffles in.

What I did was measure 10 ounces of chocolate, into a bowl. I used the bittersweet 60 % cacao first, at least 60 % cacao is what is recommended when making Truffles.

The semi sweet was not 60 %, more about that later.

 I poured 1/2 cup of cream, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla, into a measuring cup and  heated to boiling in the microwave, then I poured it over the chocolate and waited 3 minutes for the chocolate to melt.

Then I mixed till the chocolate was dissolved and the mixture was smooth. I had to place the bowl in the microwave for another fifteen seconds, to accomplish this.

I decided to try two different
versions of the bittersweet, in
one I added coconut.

In the other I used
 1/4 teaspoon of ground red

I used the cinnamon sugar to roll the Truffles in.

I poured the melted chocolate into bowls,  and placed 
them in the refrigerator uncovered, for one hour.

I mixed the semi sweet chocolate in the same way but omitted the coconut and pepper.

After an hour I assembled the bowls I would roll the Truffles in with cocoa, powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar.

Also a cup of warm water and a spoon to scoop the chocolate with. I used the towel to remove excess water from the spoon.

I scooped out the chocolate for my first Truffle, and rolled it in my hand to get a more round shape.

This part is messy, your hands will get chocolate on them.

Rolled the Truffle in the cocoa.

And placed it on a plate. I did all the ground pepper ones on a red
plate so that I could be sure to keep them separate.

My wife doesn't do spicy very much, so if these proved to be too spicy for her, I didn't want her to find one by surprise later on.

Which turned out to be a good thing because after they had chilled, and  she tried them, she commented " oh these aren't too spicy, they taste really good."

Then she swallowed.

Thirty seconds later the heat hit the back of  her throat and she said

" Oh my God, these are too spicy for me."

So I was the one who ate the rest of the pepper ones.

Anyway I continued scooping and rolling till I had all the bittersweet Truffles rolled out.

Then I started on the semi - sweet, and found out why you need to use 60 % cocoa.

The truffles melt really fast, if you don't use the 60%. This probably would not have been a problem, if I had used a small melon baller, so that I would not have had to touch them very much, and they wouldn't have melted the way they did.

But you know what they say about hind sight, so I wound up with some misshapen Truffles. They still tasted good just weren't so pretty.

Keep Truffles refrigerated.

I hope you try this recipe and make your own Truffles.

Thanks for reading,